Number Counting Trays (sized by numbers)

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These beautiful handcrafted number trays are the perfect addition to your educational toy collection. Not only is it great for number recognition and early math skills but your child can also learn to trace the number and add items in the tray to match the number on the board. You can use anything from pom poms to rocks or mini balls, we also have a set of 50 mini counting pegs that work well with the trays and can be played with in a variety of other ways. Click here for the listing.

The set comes with numbers 0-9 that go up in size with the numbers so there is more room for the counting pieces all stacked in a beautiful walnut tray for easy storage.

Handmade from walnut and linden wood and each tray measures 6" x 3" 

Please note this set does not include the counting peggies.