Paola Reina Dolls

Paola Reina Baby dolls with hair

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These beautiful baby dolls are designed and made in Spain.

Made from High quality materials that meet European safety standards, their faces are painted by hand and they can move their arms and legs in order to sit firmly or lay down. They come with the pyjamas as seen in the photo, you can also purchase additional clothes here.

The Benefits of Playing With Dolls
  • Social Skills. Playing with dolls solidifies social skills that are gained in a child's early developmental years
  • Responsibility. By learning important social skills at an early age, children are learning responsibility as well.
  • Empathy & Compassion. 
  • Imagination. 
  • Language.

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Each doll measures approximately 34cm in length and is anatomically correct. their eyes do not open and close.

Recommended for children 3 and up.